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Belgian Malinois Breeding Program

    The NVBK (National Verbond van Belgische Kynologen) was started in 1964 as a result of heated discussions among the St. Hubertus kennel club members regarding standards. The result was a group of the St Hubertus members broke off and the NVBK standards were created with only regard to working character and without concern for conformation or beauty. The rest of the article is an overview of the requirements of each event in Belgian Ring and how they are judged (point system included!). The NVBKs Belgian Ring until this point has had very limited resources for us in English to explore and appreciate the value of it as a sport or suitability test. 

Group Photo 2004 Wells Maine

    The Belgian Ring 1 is the highest level of Belgian Ring. Unlike the sport of Schutzhund where a Schutzhund 3 is the highest, in Belgian the Ring 3 is for the beginners and the Ring 1 is for the old pros. This sport is for the malinois. This is the only breed of dog that competes in the nationals.

    The level of control that is experienced in the Belgian Ring is extraordinary. If we Americans think that Schutzhund has a few distractions and areas to loose control, we have not seen anything compared to the Belgian Ring.

    The competitors never know what the bite work events are going to be like until the day of the trial. The judges have a great deal of leeway in determining what the dogs will face at each event.


Short Belgian Ring Movie

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 Rules for Belgian Certification   

Rules for Cat 3

Rules and Proper Attitude for Decoys

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