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All breeds, ages & dispositions ALWAYS welcome!


     These training packages consist of focus based training methods and are designed to cover a wide range of obedience skills from house manners, behavioral problems and issues, to advanced off leash training and control.   These In kennel board and training packages are great for all dogs weather they have had prior training or not. My goal is to ensure that your dog gains an understanding and consistency of commands through proper training and communication.   I also specialize in dogs that require attention in certain areas in behavior such as nipping, biting, aggression, fear, dominance, submissiveness, jumping, begging for food, and/or poor leash manners.    We can work on solving or redirecting some of these problem behaviors.   Your dog will gain overall house manners and become a civilized member of your family's pack structure.   My In kennel training is a well proven great tool for helping your pet to become the companion you always wanted in your dog.   Sessions could involve working your dog at other realistic high level distraction areas, such as parks, malls, a vet's office, or pet shops with the owner's permission.     I limit the number of dogs I take in for training so your canine companion gets the best possible attention producing the best results.  All Dogs are trained personally by Dave.  These programs are customized to meet the needs of each client.  These dog training packages include a detailed information packet, and private lessons.   These programs have proven themselves to be very successful in the past and produce excellent results.    Together we can discuss and tailor a program that will best meets your needs, requirements, and achieve your goals.  See what other clients are saying  click here

Evaluation / Consultation -  Prior to entering training programs all dogs and humans first must be evaluated.  The evaluation process is about 1 hour.  Dogs will be genetically evaluated for temperament, nerve steadiness, reaction, sound, balance, and relationship to owner.  Any specific obedience or behavioral issues, concerns, and goals will be reviewed and discussed.  We will make up a working set of notes.  At that time I will make recommendations as to how we can best attain your goals and which program may be best for you and your dog.    The evaluation fee is typically 90.00 depending on how long we spend together.   The evaluation fee will be credited back to you with any in kennel training package. 

Board & Train Programs

One Week In Kennel Training Program  - Includes 1 week of In Kennel training and conditioning with your dog, and 2 private handler training sessions.    This program covers all basic dog training commands and corrects minor behavioral issues.  The 1 week program begins to bridge the communication process and will lay an excellent foundation for future training.   This program is geared toward young dogs 6 months or under, and green owners to gain knowledge in how to be successful dog owners and proper handling.    This program is all on leash.   Additional handler sessions can be added at an additional but discounted rate.   Sessions can be upgraded to in home sessions.  

Two Week In Kennel Training Program Includes 2 weeks of training and conditioning, and 3 private handler sessions.  Handler sessions can be upgraded to home, or park sessions.  Additional handler sessions can be added if needed at a discounted rate.     So far the most popular program and produces excellent results.   First week is on leash covering all commands and targeting behavioral issues.  The second week begins training and conditioning in higher levels of real life distraction and starts conditioning the dog for off leash control.    Detailed Syllabus is available online or can be sent to you upon request outlining all items covered for this and the following programs.    For dogs 6 months or older. 

Three Week In Kennel Training Program - Includes 3 weeks of professional training and conditioning accompanied by 4 private handler sessions.  For dogs or owners requiring additional training attention, rehabilitation, or have more escalated behavioral problems, aggression, dominance and fear issues, etc.   This program further emphasizes and conditions for off leash control when applicable while working under higher levels of distraction in several different areas.    This is a great program and will give you excellent results while further building you and your family's relationship with your house pet. 

Four Week In Kennel Training Program  -  This is an in depth program that concentrates on training owners and family education as well.   For dogs requiring further rehabilitation, conditioning, or escalated aggression issues in dogs requiring additional time and attention.   Includes 5 follow up handler sessions can be on our training field, at your home or different locations.    This program is configurable to meet the individual needs of each dog and client.

* These packages are configurable to meet the needs and requirements of the dogs and clients.

Puppy Management - 3 Private lessons in proper upbringing, obedience imprinting, foundation work, care, house breaking, proper husbandry, exercise, feeding, awareness and instruction during early critical impact periods.  Sessions can be upgraded to In Home.   Excellent foundation for future work.

Maintenance / Refresher     -  Once your dog has completed one of the above training programs he or she becomes eligible for our Board and Train maintenance program.   The Refresher program provides your dog with a daily routine of house manners, brushing up on basic obedience such as Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Heeling or working on a problem behavior.  This package includes 1 private handler session.  Price is approximate and subject to severity of issues.

Beyond Boarding  Available to dogs previously trained by Trouwe Hond K-9 only.  New & Modern accommodations, Home Style, Private Dog Boarding.    Your dog will have a daily schedule of exercise, free maintenance tune up training, and feedings in a spacious, modern, comfortable, calm environment.   The runs are large indoor / outdoor style, Clean, Safe, Heated, A/C, TV, Stereo.   This unique care gives your dog much more individual attention than your high volume, small run kennels.    Please enjoy our photo gallery before you leave.     We have included many photographs of our kennel guests.  Dogs staying for 5 days or more will receive a free shampoo, Nails, and conditioner treatment.   Advanced reservations are required.  $75.00 / per calendar day.

Daily Board and Train  -  Make your dogs stay more enjoyable by treating him, or her to training while they are here.   Basic instruction will be given to the owner's of Daily Board and Train pets to continue education.   

Hours of Operation :  Drop off / pick up hours are Monday --> Saturday 9:00am to 6:00pm by appointment.   Closed Sunday's.  ** An additional $30.00 convenience charge will be applied for dogs picked up, or dropped off before 9am or after 6:00 pm.   No Exceptions. 


   * Closed on major holidays (New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day).   The facility will close at 1:00pm on Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving Eve, and New Years Eve.    There is a three-day minimum lodging stay during holidays.


  • Please call for reservations as space is limited
  • Owners provide food to lessen digestive stress, making the dog's stay more comfortable
  • In Kennel training programs require a 50% payment the day of drop off.
  • Payment in Full is required at pickup.
  • * A $30.00 Convenience Charge will be applied for dogs picked up, or dropped off before 9am or after 6:00 pm
  • Board and Train programs require a $185. non-refundable deposit for advanced reservations 
  • Proof of all current vaccinations required.

Vaccinations required for Boarding, and Training

Platinum Grooming Package:

Include: Nail Trimming, Shampoo, Conditioner, full brush out, and ears cleaned if necessary.    We use top quality Shampoos, Conditioners, and Flea control products and veterinary formula ear wash.  Most breeds $40.00  (dogs staying 7 days or more will receive a free grooming bath)

Pick up and Delivery service - Local Boston area 40.00 avg.

Special Care - Additional charges of $3.00 a day applicable for medications, special feeding, geriatric dogs, and young puppies.

**Receive a 30.00 discount for client referrals** 

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