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    Our Mission is to offer the finest working dogs possible.   Our emphasis is on the highest possible quality for each Owners / Handler's intended purpose whether it be for Personal Enjoyment, Family Home Protection, Business, Sport, or Service Work.    

    The Selection Process for your dog begins with our very first conversation. We want to get to know you in order to evaluate exactly what your needs and wants are.    All dogs (adults) are examined by a veterinarian and hips are x-rayed.   We only import dogs with good or excellent ratings.   All puppies we choose come from excellent quality parents whose hips are rated 0/0, that have been breed surveyed and that have earned a working title and usually a show rating.  For Information about currently available Dogs, and Puppies please call or email me at


Max  - Sold

Mad Max, a very handsome Belgian Malinois (NVBK) / Dutch Shepherd (KNPV)  cross born 7/9/09.   Being trained for both on and off leash obedience, and working very nicely in his protection training.   Max is social with kids and other animals.   He is house broke, crate trained and knows all his basic obedience.  He is very alert, confident and naturally protective of his home.  He would make a great family home protection, sport, or service dog.  The sire is Nico van Neerland 2002 PH2 Champion.   The Dam is Anja, daughter to Cat 2 dog Kiss.  Detailed pedigree information available upon request.  Max is a young dog who wants to please and enjoys being with his family.  He is truly an exceptional dog.   Some prior working dog experience is preferred.   His current selling price is 3,299.00.  Handler packages for Max are available.

Ruby  -Sold

Ruby is a beautiful Dutch Shepherd (KNPV) / Belgian Malinois (NVBK) cross born 7/9/09.   Currently being trained in on and off leash obedience, and also started in protection.   Ruby is social with children and other animals.  She has striking brindle markings.   She is house broke and knows all her basic obedience.  She would make a fine family home protection dog.  The sire is Nico van Neerland 2002 PH2 Champion.   The Dam is Anja, daughter to Cat 2 dog Kiss.  Detailed pedigree information available upon request.  Ruby is a young dog who wants to please and enjoys being with her family.  She is a real sweet heart.  Her selling price is 1,999.00. 

Hilde Van De Trouwe Hond (Toos) - Sold

Female Belgian Malinois Import born Sept 7, 2004.   Trained for off leash Obedience, Naturally Protective.      Social with kids and other animals with the proper introduction.   She is the daughter of famous Belgian Ring Cat 1 Champion A'Tim.  She comes from solid working lines.   I have owned her for 4 years and she has been a great dog.   She has had 3 litters and has produced some incredible off spring.  She is a great family home protection dog and companion.  Her selling price is 1,500.00.   Contact me for more information or to set up time to meet her.      Click here for Pedigree Info


JAlexa Desire van de Trouwe Hond   (Lexi)

     Born 12/29/06.   Beautiful 6 month old female Belgian Malinois with a big heart for pleasing her handler on and off the field.   Lexi has all her Obedience fully imprinted for both on and off leash.   She has her fathers (Eros - Belgian Ring Cat 3) drives for working and would excel in what ever her owner wanted to do with her.   She is full on the sleeve, and the suit.    She is being trained under levels of distraction and opposition.   Lexi would make a fine Working, Sport, or Protection dog.    She is a nice social dog with a clear head.  She is good with other animals and kids.    She is a true Belgian.   Her parents are both strong, awesome Belgian Imports.  Lexi is papered through the NVBK Belgian Registry.   Some handler experience is preferred but not required.     $3,000.00


King (Rhett)


          King is a beautiful 1 1/2 year old,  Very Impressive Black, and Red German Shepherd.    He is completely off leashed trained for Obedience and Protection.  Social with kids, and other dogs.  He enjoys being around his family, and wants to please his handler.   King is a very smart, stable minded, gentle dog, until instructed otherwise.   King is a natural house hold guardian.   King would make an excellent Family Home Protection Dog.  Born April 22, 2004.  Selling Price $3,795.00


Eros van het Eendenhof 

NVBK Catagorie 3



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        Eros van het Eendenhof born Nov 9, 2001.    NVBK Cat 3.    Eros is a very Strong, Fast, Hard, Full Mouth Biting Belgian Malinois.   Eros is Social dog raised in a family. This dog currently resides in Belgium.   Due to some personal issues with his owner this awsome dog is now for sale.  This dog has a strong desire for work.  His selling price is 2,950 euro.    Buyer will be responsable for shipping costs.    Please contact me for more information on the dog.




                                     Hans od Tmaveho Vlka

           A very handsome Czech Import,  Born 07-09-2001.  Hans has been trained for Obedience, and Protection.  With a strong desire for work,  Hans is a very impressive German Shepherd who enjoys being around his family.   Hans comes from top Czech bloodlines and meets the highest German quality control standards.  X-Rays, pink papered, and Tattooed, Hans's selling price is 6,000.00.  A 50% deposit will be required to hold this Dog.   Click Here for Pedigree



Astor - Sold

           Astor is a 3 year old German Shepherd pure Czech bloodlines.    A powerful Dog with a big heart for working, and pleasing his handler.   With Astor's naturally protectiveness he is a very good household guardian, Protection dog, or Police K9.  He is a social dog yet very capable of managing the worst of situations.   Astor has been trained for personal protection and off leash obedience.   He is always excited when its time for work.    Astor is a very confident dog, not for a first time handler.   X-rayed hips and elbows.  Price $3,500.00     




Gatorlands Kirk - Sold

       Belgian Malinois Male.   83lbs.  An extremely powerful American Street Ring Level II Protection Dog.  Very Capable of managing any situation, any level of opposition, anytime, anywhere.   Kirk is an extremely hard hitting, genetically Full mouth, hard biting dog.   Perfect for any type of work.   Kirk has been trained under high levels of opposition and situational scenario's.   While very obedient,  Kirk can be turned on with explosiveness on a command. X-rayed hips.   Price $3,500.00

Kirks accomplishments include:

2001 - ASR-1 First Place WINNER!.   Also highest scorer in trial.  3rd place ASR Tough dog contest.

2001 - ASR Championship Trial Level 1,  1st Place WINNER!      

2002 - ASR Championship Trial Level 2 - 2nd place.

2002  - Dog Sport Open 2nd Place in Intermediate.   1st place in the DSO hardest hitting dog contest.    

Axel - Sold

          Axel is a Male Dutch Shepherd Puppy born June 15, 2003.   He was the second pick from his litter.    He is solid in his character, and environment.  He is social with all ages and other animals as well.   His Parents are both from working lines.   Axel will make a great Working, or Family Home Protection Dog.   $1,500.00 





Elk z Bity

    Elk is a beautiful, young male German Shepherd Czech Import. Born 6/26/01.  He is a Trained Family Home Protection Dog.  Large black and red, nice head, deep chest good bone, Social with all ages. Grandson of famous German dog Nero von Hirschel .  Click Here for Elk's Pedigree. 3,995.00  Click here Elk's Pedigree



Baron Udoli Hrona`

    Baron is a 14 Month Old off leash trained German Shepherd Czech Import.   He is aprox. 90lbs and is Black, and Red in color.  This Beautiful Animal loves to play and is social with all ages.  With Barron's naturally protective nature, he will make a fine Family Home Protection Dog & Companion.  Barron's Father received a prestigious win of VA-3 at the 2002 Slovakian Seiger Show.   This coveted title is given only once a year, in each country, at the annual Sieger Show (conformation championship). The few dogs which earn the VA title must not only have the finest conformation, but also demonstrate their ability to reproduce themselves in breeding. $4,995.00  Click here Barron's Pedigree




    Ceasar is a 2 year old protection trained German Shepherd Czech import.   He is social with all ages including children and other dogs.   He loves to chase a ball and be with family.  His rock solid disposition would make him an excellent family home protection dog.  $3,995.00

Our Guarantee to You

If for any reason, you are not satisfied, we will replace it with a dog of equal or greater value. We are happy to offer this guarantee in writing.   It is our goal to exceed your expectations when purchasing your dog or puppy from us.

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