Trouwe Hond K-9

David M. Ranieri - Photo Gallery

Training at Stoddard's Neck Aug 2008

Obedience Fall 2007

Training at Wollaston Beach Aug 07

Misty, Mike, and Carol

 Trained for Obedience and Personal Protection


Brian, and Rudy out for a ride

ASR 2001 Championship Trial Florida. Level One 1st Place  

Nitro on the A-Frame 

   Baxter, and Sadie


Seven, and Omar


Civil Muzzle Attack Demonstration at Cub Scout Show 1994  


Ricardo, Lucy, and Simba

   Phil, Katie, and Smokey        

Kino enjoying a fun day on his owners boat

Jackie and King

Mike and Tango, Dave and Coda


    Karen, and Honey 

      King ready to take a ride


Diesel and Patty 

 Ouch!!    Kirks nice full mouth bite

 My prior dog Kirk 2003, Now owned by Tony Clonager Red Sox Pitching Coach.

Kirk was an outstanding personal Protection Dog.     He has several awards to his Name.

Dave with James Taylor owner of Eros female puppy Lieka

Macho, and Leika having some play time

Casey at 7 Months breed by Gatorland K-9



Oh Well,. What can I say....

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