Trouwe Hond K-9

  David's History


Dave’s Canine career began in 1988 working as an Obedience, and Protection Dog Trainer for the former Canine Academy in Boston, Mass. working under Bob Warren, and John Leblanc working with individuals and families in both private, and group environments in 3 locations in the greater Boston area.

In 1990 Dave went into business opening his first school at that time called Mightie Dog Training School and did mostly In Home, and In Kennel Obedience & Protection Training along with solving many Behavioral Issues. 

In 1993 Dave first made contact with Ted Hoppe a former US military dog trainer, and purchased his 2nd Belgian Malinois (Nitro).  While working under Ted Dave became very proficient training in Advanced Obedience On and Off Leash, Trialing, Protection Work, and Decoying for the higher end working and service dogs.     Ted is also now the largest importer of top quality Czech German Shepherds in Florida Gatorland K-9 International and Founder of the American Street Ring Association and is still one of the best trainers in this field.  Dave made many trips to Florida to train under Ted to compete in several competitions and earned many Certificates of Excellence and Awards. 

In 1997 Dave first met Germain Pauwels while competing in Florida who is now the current president of the NVBK (Belguim).   The Belgians, in my mind, are the most incredible, patient, detail orientated trainers I have ever had the pleasure to work with.   They also have some of the most incredible dogs I have ever seen.    They have a very high bar of expectation and quality standards in there breed and there training program.  

In 1997, after spending time in Belgium Dave founded Trouwe Hond K-9 named after his friend and mentor's school in Belgium. 

In 2001 Dave brought ASR to Boston and hosted a Seminar, Trial and Tough dog contest in Danvers Mass.   Dave took first place in the level 1 with his dog Kirk.   

Dave then went on to Successfully Title dogs in Competition off leash Obedience, Agility, and Personal Protection programs.  Some organizations and programs include the American Street Ring association,  Belgian Ring sport (NVBK),  French Ring sport,  and various other personal protection programs.    Dave holds several Awards of Excellence, and Certifications in Obedience, Behavior Modification, Agility, Personal, and Home Protection.    Dave is also Certified as a level 3 Training, and Trial ASR Decoy.

In 2001 Dave and Kirk Won the American Street Ring Championship Level 1 held in Bunnell Florida.

In 2004 Dave and Kirk Won the intermediate level of the Dog Sport Open hosted by Cheryl Carlson in Michigan and also won the Hardest Hitting Dog contest.

Trouwe Hond K-9 was the first officially registered NVBK Belgian Ring club in the US  (NVBK New England # 300), and NVBK registered Breeder of top quality Belgian Malinois (De Trouwe Hond #256)

Dave then began to work directly with the NVBK in 2004 to develop the Belgian Ring Base Exercises Certification, and to coordinate the first sanctioned Belgian Ring trial in the USA.

In 2005 Dave was the 1st place winner of the first and so far only Internationally Recognized Belgian Ring Category 3 Trial in the USA.

In 2006 Dave got his French Ring Certificate of Bervet, and in 2007 his level 1 with his dog Eros.


Dave is currently an Evaluator for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.  Evaluator #29741


Trouwe Hond is a family owned and operated full service, all phases, dog training, and rehabilitation center.


A Note:

Never forget where you came from.   If it wasn’t for these exceptional trainers taking me under there wing I wouldn’t be the proficient canine trainer, and behavior specialist I am today.   I hold these folks in very high regard and to me are the absolute best hands down.


My Sincere Thanks,

David M. Ranieri